“My birth story will be unique to me and my baby”

This was an affirmation I received through the hypnobirthing course I’ve been taking with The Mindful Birth Group.

And this is how I see pregnancy. It’s a unique journey for you! It’s a unique journey for me. And everyone is different.

However, it doesn’t seem to matter how much people say that it’s ok for us all to be different – the pressure to have a shared joy and love for pregnancy is very very real. And personally, it’s been crippling. 

I”m as of today 28 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I’ve really not enjoyed it thus far and can’t imagine as I grow bigger by the day that it’s going to get any easier.

I’ve tried to be honest and open about my journey, but so often I’m met by platitudes, well intentioned comments and generally dismissive responses of how I’m actually feeling.

Now of course the affirmation deals with the birth and I’m here talking about the pregnancy. In my mind, two very very seperate events. I see the pregnancy as the process, one which I don’t enjoy, and the birth and subsequent child as the outcome, something I very much hope to enjoy (well, the child bit – the birth let’s see!)

But as soon as you’re pregnant, you are exposed to a whole bunch of comments, advice and feedback (none of which you ever asked for) telling you about how the experiences of your pregnancy, birth and parenthood are going to be. When in actual fact, these are all the projections of that person’s own experience.

What I want is to be allowed to have my own experience, as it truly is for me. As they say in Vipassana (a meditation technique I practiced once) “accept the reality as it is”.

My pregnancy journey is unique to me. It truly is. I might have similar experiences to others but no one will walk the path that I’m walking in the exact way that I am. And I’d really like to be able to experience it as it comes, in my way, free of judgement and expectations.

My pregnancy story is unique to me.

And yours is unique to you.

Published by Emma Lovell

My name is Emma. Owner and Director of Lovelly Communications, I specialise in Personal Branding and key messaging. I'm also the Australian representative for Take me to India, a luxury boutique travel company in India. I feel blessed to run businesses that give me the freedom to follow my true passion, travel! I'm happiest when I'm having new experiences. Whether it's a new cafe down the road, a bucket list item like Everest Base Camp or seeing friends in another city, I truly love travelling! So please join me in my many adventures across my many sites. And please do contact me for information on any of the above!

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