“I’m sorry this isn’t the experience you hoped for”

One of the funniest comments I often get is “I’m sorry this isn’t the experience you hoped for”.

This is placing an expectation on me before I’ve even had the chance to share how I feel.

In actual fact, I never thought I would enjoy pregnancy. I never saw it as this sunshine and
roses time of life. And case in point, I’ve been proven right.

None of it ever sounded overly appealing to me.

  • Getting fat
  • Someone kicking you from the inside
  • possible nausea
  • your skin stretching
  • tiredness
  • sore hips
  • aching body from the added weight
  • possible (gestational) diabetes
  • increased blood pressure/ heart rate
  • swelling
  • mood swings
  • cravings

And these were some of the things I knew about, don’t even start me on all the unexpected things that I’ve learnt along the way which apparently you only find out once you’re in the secret circle of the millions of women who have been pregnant before! I shall elaborate upon those another day.

Look, some might say I brought that experience on by not being open to the joy and gift that is pregnancy (to this I would respond with a little vomit coming into my mouth – ummm nah, that’s not it).

But perhaps actually, I just know myself and am in tune with myself.
Perhaps I’m honest about the experience where some others have not been, or feel they cannot be.
Perhaps I have a lower pain threshold.
Perhaps I’ve had a particularly uncomfortable and obnoxious pregnancy (which my darling Great Aunt keeps assuring me).

Who knows!

All I know is my experience, and that’s what I bring to you here. My journey.

Take from it what you will and if you don’t like it, just throw it right back.

If this is helping you, please do send me a message or write back in the comments. Know that you are not alone. I hear you. I see you. And I respect your journey, whatever it may be.

Published by Emma Lovell

My name is Emma. Owner and Director of Lovelly Communications, I specialise in Personal Branding and key messaging. I'm also the Australian representative for Take me to India, a luxury boutique travel company in India. I feel blessed to run businesses that give me the freedom to follow my true passion, travel! I'm happiest when I'm having new experiences. Whether it's a new cafe down the road, a bucket list item like Everest Base Camp or seeing friends in another city, I truly love travelling! So please join me in my many adventures across my many sites. And please do contact me for information on any of the above!

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