Pregnancy is not the glow

To me pregnancy is not beautiful. It’s not glowing. it’s not glamorous and it’s certainly not comfortable.

For me, pregnancy is …

  • Getting up 6x a night to pee
  • Feeling like you’re losing yourself
  • Being told what to do and not do constantly
  • Unsolicited advice
  • Getting out of bed at 2am to eat toast alone on the couch because you’re starving
  • wondering if your stomach muscles are being torn apart as pains wake you at 4am
  • Watching your boobs triple in size, and feeling utterly disgusted by it
  • Hard
  • Harder than you can imagine
  • A mental challenge
  • Being constipated
  • Having no control of your body
  • Physically taxing
  • Emotionally draining
  • Missing your husband in the middle of the night because you now have to sleep in separate rooms due to your unbearable snoring (kindly due to the ligaments relaxing in your throat, another gift of pregnancy)
  • Rolling over to eat a muesli bar from your drawer at 1am because you’re too hungry to sleep
  • Crying in the middle of the night (yes, a lot of these things do happen at the witching hours of the night) because you’re terrified about your life changing
  • Feeling hungry and sick at the same time
  • Being so angry that your blood boils when the slightest comment, change to plans or wind blowing in your general direction happens
  • Feeling unseen
  • Not being heard
  • Having to explain how you’re feeling and what you’re going through over and over again
  • Tough
  • Challenging
  • Exhausting

What has pregnancy been like for you?

(written at 30 weeks + 3 days)

Published by Emma Lovell

My name is Emma. Owner and Director of Lovelly Communications, I specialise in Personal Branding and key messaging. I'm also the Australian representative for Take me to India, a luxury boutique travel company in India. I feel blessed to run businesses that give me the freedom to follow my true passion, travel! I'm happiest when I'm having new experiences. Whether it's a new cafe down the road, a bucket list item like Everest Base Camp or seeing friends in another city, I truly love travelling! So please join me in my many adventures across my many sites. And please do contact me for information on any of the above!

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