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My New Years wish for you my baby

Hey baby. It’s the last day of 2020 and I just wanted to write a little note to you. We, at this stage, have just a few weeks to go until we meet you. definitely gonna cry while I write this.

I was doing so well …

I was doing so well. It’s only a few weeks to go and I was in such a good place. And then tonight I lost it … I broke.


Finally admitting, in week 16, that i’m not enjoying pregnancy. I appreciate that many others have been pregnant before but this journey is my own and I am free to feel it and live it however it may be without “shoulds”, judgement or shame.


All the feels! Trying to grow a human and get on with work, and manage expectations and love them already is hard! Week 15 and I was really feeling it!


The #IcallBSontheglow journals continue: Week 12. This was a tough week, little one. Mama had really turned a corner the past two weeks, I felt quite normal, still nauseous, and still throwing up 5/7 mornings, but definitely a lot better.

The things I’m looking forward to AFTER my pregnancy

Someone asked me what I’m looking forward to after my pregnancy, and it really got me thinking. Some of it isn’t the typical stuff and some of it really surprised me as to what I miss. It’s often the simple things we take for granted.


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Hi, I’m Emma Lovell. I’m a writer, traveller, business owner and soon to be .. mama. I’m based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, and live with my husband Matty and furbaby T’Challa. I’m passionate about helping others to share their unique personal brand with the world and reconnect with who they are. During this journey, I’m doing the same for myself – staying deeply connected to me – Emma! And I’d love to connect with you too!

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