The things I’m looking forward to AFTER my pregnancy

Someone asked me what I’m looking forward to after my pregnancy, and it really got me thinking. Some of it isn’t the typical stuff and some of it really surprised me as to what I miss. It’s often the simple things we take for granted.

“You said THEY! Are you having twins?”

I refer to my baby as they. No. We are not having twins. “They” can be used a singular when you’re not referring to a specific gender, it’s often adopted by non-binary and transgender people. As we have chosen to keep the gender of our baby a secret (despite knowing ourselves), we speak about themContinue reading ““You said THEY! Are you having twins?””

Journal – 8 weeks – kidney bean

At 8 weeks and 3 days, I had the best day I’d had in weeks. Still nauseous. Still throwing up every morning but so much better and just felt like myself again.

Journal – 6 weeks – The week we found out

So, I’ve decided to help me write the book, I’ll be going back through my own personal baby journal. I started writing in about week 9 and backtracked to the start. We found out at 6.5 weeks and my first photo, the one above, was taken at 7 weeks. I’ve since taken a photo everyContinue reading “Journal – 6 weeks – The week we found out”