You don’t get to be the expert anymore

I’m sick of people giving advice as if they are the expert on pregnancy, or know more than me, I’m living it. Now. So at this moment … i am the expert!

I’m having a c-section because I can

*Disclaimer. Everything I write on this blog is from my own experiences and interactions. What I am sharing here is as I’ve heard it and am sharing on. This is in no way, shape or form medical advice or guidance. Each individual needs to make their own choices about their health based on the specificContinue reading “I’m having a c-section because I can”

I’m pregnant – and I do not enjoy it

I do not enjoy pregnancy. I truly do not. This has been hard on me emotionally, psychologically and for obvious reasons, physically. For some who follow me, this may be the first time you are hearing of my pregnancy. I’ve kept it pretty low key. I did at some point want to share it here,Continue reading “I’m pregnant – and I do not enjoy it”