Finally admitting, in week 16, that i’m not enjoying pregnancy.

I appreciate that many others have been pregnant before but this journey is my own and I am free to feel it and live it however it may be without “shoulds”, judgement or shame.

I’m having a c-section because I can

*Disclaimer. Everything I write on this blog is from my own experiences and interactions. What I am sharing here is as I’ve heard it and am sharing on. This is in no way, shape or form medical advice or guidance. Each individual needs to make their own choices about their health based on the specificContinue reading “I’m having a c-section because I can”

“My birth story will be unique to me and my baby”

This was an affirmation I received through the hypnobirthing course I’ve been taking with The Mindful Birth Group. And this is how I see pregnancy. It’s a unique journey for you! It’s a unique journey for me. And everyone is different. However, it doesn’t seem to matter how much people say that it’s ok forContinue reading ““My birth story will be unique to me and my baby””