Week 11: 7 to 13 July 2020.

The fruit = a fig.

Crazy cravings – Taco Bell, but I haven’t had it. Thick shakes.

Next appointment with the doctor or the midwife is 11.5 weeks scan. Well, it’s meant to be the 12 week at Friday 10 July 2020.

(Note, again, this was written Saturday 25th July, 13 weeks + 5).

So I didn’t write my journal much this week. I think I possibly overdid it a little. I felt good and energised. And I know even my Wednesday was a lot. Wednesday’s meant to be my day off and day of rest.

I had a coffee with a colleague.

I had a meetup call on Zoom with 20 women.

Then a walk with my friend Sarah.

Then a visit with my friend Caroline and a long lunch.

And I realised later that I was interacting and talking for five hours straight.

I then had a dinner that night, which was lovely. But still, now these things are so exhausting.

On the Friday, the 10th of July, we had the scan. 11.5 weeks. They kept saying 12 weeks and I thought that was the case but the doctor got me to do my bloods and then said to book the scan three days after, I probably should have asked to check the dates again, but went with it.

Mathew came with me and that was great. I’m so glad that he’s trying to come to as many appointments as possible. I want him to hear the info with me and to be on the same page. It was lovely for us both to hear your heartbeat together for the first time. That makes me a little teary.

I asked lots of questions of the scanner. She said it all looks good, but wanted to get me back one week later, at no extra cost to just see them a little bit bigger. And you were literally growing double in size each week baby so that’s going to be good.

We went for gelato after. That’s my post appointment traits and walked around Brickworks, which we both like doing.

I had a really great long chat with my friend Catherine this week, I asked her lots of questions about her birth, about her daughter and her pregnancy. It was really nice and I think it does bring a new level of closeness to the other women who have children.

I’ll still not leap into all the mummy stuff. I like reading info when I can and just having the chance to download it.

I started to feel super tired and sick again this weekend and spent most of the time reading and in bed. So I’m hanging out for 12 weeks little one because, apparently, things might start getting better.

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